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Perfect Drink: Become a bartending superhero

drinThis was one of the funnest projects ever to test! Working for Perfect Company, I developed the Android version of anĀ application that shows you how to mix hundreds of drinks. It’s currently sold through Brookstone stores and online. It’s been featured on the Today Show and in Time Magazine.

What’s unique is that the user needs to purchase the hardware — a kitchen scale that connects to your device via an audio cable. The tangible product concept has allowed the product to sell at a higher price than software titles for mobile devices.

The experience goes like this. Browse the recipe book by category or by what you have in your cabinet. Each drink recipe and ingredient includes interesting history and notes. Select a drink to build and you are prompted at each step. As you pour, the screen shows the current level. If you overpour, the rest of the recipe can be scaled and adjusted.

The UI looks great both on phones and tablets and the app makes use of a core module that is common to both the IOS and Android platforms. This core includes both database and scale interface functionality. The Android app can access it via a SWIG interface. The app has been globalized and to date has been translated into 7 languages.

Download for Android.