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Ensuring Rest for Drivers

Many people don’t know that Qualcomm got its start in communications for long haul trucking. On my first project as a contractor there, we specified and wrote the  Qualcomm Hours of Service, a driver-tracking package used on most long haul trucks in the United States.

As you go down the freeway, notice the white dome on top of many truck cabs. This sends signals to a satellite about the truck’s position. The driver can also send and receive short messages from a device in the cab.

The drivers are required by law to rest a certain amount and the rules and monitoring are rather complex. Using C# and ASP.NET, we created the database, services and web site that tracks thousands of drivers and trucks in North America to be sure they stay in compliance.

Globalized UI for Brachytherapy System

As my partner declared once, you don’t want to be on the business end of one of these devices. That said, if you have a cancer that can be treated with brachytherapy, it beats the alternatives.

The globalized user interface of this Windows 2000 application allows clinicians around the world administer radiation treatments to cancer patients.  It was written in VB, using Multilizer for globablization/localization. It was localized into German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.