1982. CTX International

Production Control, Analytics and Sushi

This was my second job out of college and it was a blast. CTX (originally called Centex) created a multi-processor based solution for engineering analysis and production control in semiconductor fabs.

It was the Silicon Valley in the early years. Had I gone to Sun or Intel, I might be working on my golf game now. But oh well. Besides working with a great group of people at a start-up, I got to help with all facets of the company’s business in Japan.

My various roles:

  • Product manager for CTX 2600, and engineering analysis workstation
  • Managed sales, custom development and support for Japanese customers of a semiconductor fab automation software product line.
  • Spent 20% of time in Japan.  Most sales calls and training performed in Japanese.
  • Wrote several interfaces to Japanese-made fab processing equipment.
  • Wrote production management and tracking software for semiconductor fabrication plants.