Past Customers

I’ve performed work for the following clients and employers. Please note that names and locations are as of the time we worked together.

Acacia Bank, NJ

Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX

Advanced Data-Communications, Dubuque, IA

Anistics, Palo Alto, CA

Auto-Powered Solutions, Beaverton, OR

Beeline Group, Newark, CA

BIPTech, Beaverton, OR

Central Point Software, Beaverton, OR (Now Symantec)

Charles Schwab & Co., San Francisco, CA

Cinemar Corporation, Beaverton, OR

CTX International, Sunnyvale, CA

Development Now, Portland, OR

Eventlab, Hillsboro, OR

Fastech Integration, Scotts Valley, CA (Now Brooks Automation)

First Technology Credit Union, Beaverton, OR

Gaard Automation, Portland, OR (Now IPEC)

Insyst, Beaverton, OR

Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

Jay Jacobs Furniture, Seattle, WA

JEPNet Communications, Atlanta, GA

Motorola, Schaumberg, IL

Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union, Hawthorne, CA

One Economy Corporation, Washington, DC

Optema, Inc., Portland, OR

Oregon State Federal Credit Union, Corvallis OR

Patelco Credit Union, San Francisco, CA

Perfect Company, Vancouver, WA

Sematech, Austin, TX

The Prudential, Livingston, NJ

Schlage Electronics, Milpitas, CA

SoftAd, Mill Valley, CA

Schools Federal Credit Union, Sacramento, CA

Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA

Prometrix, Corporation, Santa Clara, CA (Now Tencor/KLA)

Qualcomm, Portland, OR

Thomas Reid Associates, Palo Alto, CA

Uncorked Studios, Portland, OR

U.S. Bank, Minneapolis, MN

Varian Medical Systems, London, United Kingdom

Via Training, Portland, OR

Volved, Portland, OR

Wygant Scientific, Portland, OR

Xicor, Milpitas, CA